Linked Events

Linked Events

Events organized by the City of Helsinki and curated events from the region by Helsinki Marketing.

Linked Events provides categorized data on events and places for the City of Helsinki. It serves as the common event database for all Helsinki city divisions, Helsinki Marketing and the web services.

In addition to events submitted through the event submission UI, the API imports event data from the City of Helsinki Cultural Venues, Lippupiste, City of Espoo and the Helmet metropolitan area public libraries. Data is also posted via REST methods from the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Helsinki City Museum and Helsinki Art Museum HAM.

The location information is linked to the City of Helsinki registry of service units which contains e.g.  accessibility information for the venues. Events are categorized with YSO-concepts.

• Full API specification »

• Data flow chart »

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Linked Events was developed to be the national event data standard in The Six City Strategy,